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Unify Research is an Online Research solutions provider, focused towards client satisfaction through providing seamless field and project management services in the Healthcare/Pharmaceutical and Consumer domain. We are one of the leading voice of respondents globally. We are a full-fledged online Market Research field-work offering company.

Since our inception, Unify Research has been building custom targetable groups and providing Online Market Research services to client throughout the globe. Our forte lies in Healthcare/Pharmaceutical and Consumer research studies.

Unify Research predominantly deals with Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Market Research, with over 4 Lakh+ panelist in the US, Canada and EU Markets. Our custom panel comprises HCPs, Nurses, Pharmacists and Surgeons to name a few. We have a proven track record of executing non-conventional specialties like the Lab Managers/Technicians, Payers, C-Suite, Decision Makers, ITDMs, BDMs and a well-knit universe of Patients/Consumer panel.

Unify Research commit to high quality project management and data collection practices and adhere to norms and guidelines of ESOMAR and CASRO.

Our Services

Global standards of Project Management requires project managers who have had their stint in the market research industry providing client servicing through advices and methodologies engaging projects/studies at a global level. We at Unify Research value our client's growth and put our thoughts around you client centrically to help you grow while you make effective decisions thorough our careful considerations of every action while we execute the project lifecycle.

You get premium Account Managers while you associate yourself with Unify Research with no additional costs, this means you get a gold class reception from the touch point to the project closure, overlooking seamless delivery of the project deliverables and adhering to the timelines.

We set new standards in data collection by various means to quality check the authenticity of the respondents to provide humanly responses. We harp on HUMANLY RESPONSES, as we understand over a period of time the MR industry has many players who either are overcommitted or undelivered. We take this industry wide issue at utmost carefulness and make sure we set a realistic and committable task which equally reflects the client's objectives as well as respondents voice.

Survey Programming

We call our survey programmers as "Kingpins". There is a reason, our expertise in market research combined with in-depth knowledge of survey programming offers us to provide the clients with almost error free link in the first-go.

Our programming setup hosts an experienced team combined with data analytical experience, as a result the questionnaire is not only programmed impeccable, from a data perspective we understand the flow of the survey and we drive errorless programming

Some of the tools that we use are:

  • Confirmit
  • Beacon (Decipher)
Industry Covered


We aim to become the backbone of Healthcare/Pharmaceutical research objectives by providing quality data collection solutions. Our vision of serving the Medical World through humanly responses will transform the way we see the medical domain, we are striving hard to provide global quality data with leading insights for a better tomorrow.

Unify Panel has a significant reach to non-conventional specialties like the Lab Managers/Directors, Payors, C-Suite, Procurement/Buyers, Blood Bank Supervisor, ITDMs, which is our forte with over 7,000 custom recruited Panelists on board in the USA. Our ever growing healthcare panel consists of 3 Lakh+ panelists from the USA, Canada, EU5, Australia and LATAM, with HCPs like GP/FM/PCPs, Derms, Oncs, Heps, Neuros, Diabs, Cards, Uros and many more.

We are also a leading field partner for Patients/consumer panel in the USA, Canada, EU5, Brazil and APAC region. Our expertise in this area of patient and consumer health marketing research projects is extensive and the coverage we provide for critical, mild and severe ailments are our forte. List of few ailments we cover.

Cancer | Stroke | Heart Attack | Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery | Multiple Sclerosis
Alzheimer's Disease | Parkinson's Disease | Cystic Fibrosis
Heart Valve Replacement | Plaque Psoriasis


Unify Research supports the consumer space of market research through our proprietary panels
spread across the US/CA/EU and Asian region.

The industry we focus include Gen-Pop, ITDMs, Decision Makers, Households, Telecom, Jewellery, Automotive and Retail space.

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